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I have emailed you twice - original April 30 and reminder on May 5 regarding hair loss and thinning issues. Would appreciate if you could revert with a solution. Photos are attached for your reference. Will await.

I have severe itching all over the body for the last two weeks . I had Azithromycin 500 3 tab for throat infection before two weeks .
Now there is some rashes all over the body especially around the neck portion
And there is some fungal like infection inside and outside skin of pennis and stiffness to move the skin of pennis

I’m having fungus in my toe pain. Its paining as well.
I had a very bad case of fungus in November 2018 and had the toe nail removed.
I’m afraid that my nail is permanently damaged.
I have e-mailed you the pictures as well.
Please guide as what to do.

I had visited you on 21st March regarding a wart that i had on my right hand palm.You had done the cryo freeze on the wart on Saturday and asked me to apply a solution for the rest of the week and asked me to come on Saturday 28th March. I have sent the photo to your gmail account for reference.
Let me know what to do next.

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